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Al Boenker Insurance

  • Al has been serving Texas for over 45 years.

  • The Al Boenker Insurance Agency is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Al represents a ton of “A” rated companies.

  • Al can help with every insurance need. Car, Home, Health, Life, Business, and More.

  • Al Boenker Insurance is growing strong with over 100 North Texas employees.

  • And just like you, Al is at work everyday.

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Who Is Al Boenker?

Al Boenker (pronounced like "Al Banker") has placed his Company in the top 1% of independent insurance agencies in the United States. If you ask him what his secret is, he'll tell you it is very simple, "Early to bed. Early to rise. Work like crazy and advertise", says Boenker. It has been a simple philosophy instilled in him from his grandmother.

"She was way ahead of her time", says Boenker. "She taught me everything I know about selling and sent me to countless selling seminars and training". Boenker's grandfather was a German immigrant whose family settled in Brenham, Texas. After marriage, his grandfather moved to Fort Worth where he started Riverview Mobile Home Sales. "After I sold my first home at 17 I was hooked on selling", says Boenker.

Al Boenker is the oldest of five children. The other four Boenker children operate Bana Boxes, a business their father founded.

Sue Boenker, Al's wife, is an Allstate Agent located at Robert's Cut Off and Jacksboro Highway in Fort Worth. Their children are Quad Boenker, the former Al Boenker Race Team Manager and driver, and Ashley Boenker the Senior Accounting Manager at Al Boenker Insurance.

Al Boenker Insurance Agency Inc. - 6030 Lake Worth Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76135 - Local 817.306.2300 - Toll Free 1.800.842.6572