Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using Al Boenker Insurance to get multiple rate quotes?

1. Confidence that you will always get the best insurance rate available to you
When you fill out a quote, we start by comparing the rates of a ton of different insurance companies to get you the best rate available. If you go to an individual company for an insurance quote, you don't know that you are getting the best rate, and Al Boenker Insurance eliminates the need to fill out multiple rate quotes on different websites. More options mean a much better rate for our customers.

2. You only have to give us your information once.
After you give us your information the first time, we'll use what you gave us to shop a ton of different companies without the need for you to fill out multiple forms. Whether you only need one type of insurance or multiple quotes, you only have to give us your information one time, including our credit score. Don't damage your credit by getting multiple quotes on several different websites. Have peace of mind knowing that your credit is safe with us.

3. You are not locked in to one company.
When your policy comes up for renewal, we'll automatically reshop your policy for you to make sure you are still getting the best rate available from our company. If another company is offering you a lower rate, we will give you the option to easily switch.

4. Personalized service.
Our agents will help you review policy details and find the best company for you. We always provide our customers with personalized service from friendly and dedicated agents that are knowledgeable of your policy and your situation.

Does Al really come to work every day?

Answer:Yes! If the agency is open, Al is at work. Al has been coming to work every day since the agency opened in 1972.

How do I know I am getting the best rate?

Answer:We're not tied to one company at Al Boenker Insurance. When we shop a ton of different insurance options for you, we choose the company that offers you the lowest rate. Only one company can offer the lowest rate at any one time and we're not biased towards one company over another. When you shop with us, you will always know that you are getting the most options available to you.

Who is the provider of my insurance through Al Boenker Insurance?

Answer:We offer rates from a ton of different companies and we are often adding new providers. Click here to view an abbreviated list of our providers.

Do I need to fill out a different quote form for each type of insurance I am interested in?

Answer:If you are interested in more than one quote, there is no need to fill out a second form. Simply fill out the form of the first type of insurance you are interested in and before you submit the form you will be given an option upon to select other insurance quotes you are interested in.

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