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5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Turkey, dressing and pecan pie! Nothing quite beats a Thanksgiving feast with your closest relatives and friends. In two days we’ll all stuff our stomachs with great food and bask in good company. This day requires a lot of preparation and organization from everyone involved to ensure a safe and fruitful holiday. With all of the kids running around and conversations going on, it’s makes it a bit of a challenge to turn a hectic kitchen into a safe environment. Thankfully, we have these 5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips to help make your day a lot easier! Enjoy!

Watch the Kids – There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a handful of kids running wild while you’re trying to focus on ten different tasks in the kitchen. Make sure that you have all matches, knives, and cooking equipment out of the reach of children. The kitchen should be an adult’s only zone, so it would behoove you to keep them in a designated play area to protect them from any danger.

Fire Preparation – Believe it or not, but kitchen fires spike every year on Thanksgiving Day. According to statistics, Thanksgiving is the leading day for home fires involving cooking equipment. Make sure you’re monitoring your stove and oven at all times and follow all cooking instructions to prevent an accident. Also, don’t forget to have your smoke detectors tested before you start cooking so that you’re assured that they’re functioning properly.

Make a List – This isn’t quite a safety tip, but it will save you a lot of stress. The last thing you want to happen on Thanksgiving is realizing that you forgot a certain dish or ingredient. Nobody wants to drive to the grocery store when they’re supposed to be entertaining guests, so be sure you make a list and shop early beforehand to avert an embarrassing situation.

Monitor Other Safety Hazards – There are a lot of dangerous appliances in your kitchen that can be potential safety concerns. Make sure that you don’t leave any flammable objects near hot surfaces and keep all sharp objects away from children. Keep a fire extinguisher on deck as well – you never know if you’ll need it!

Don’t Cook Under the Influence -The holidays are a great time to break out a bottle of wine and get merry with your friends and family, but only in certain situations. Be responsible and don’t consume any alcohol before or during the process of cooking. You’ll need to be functioning clearly at 100% to prevent any accidents or mishaps! Save the wine for the meal.

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