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Choosing the Right Health Insurance Provider

The open enrollment time frame for health insurance ends February 15, so if you’re considering enrolling or changing your covered for 2015, this information is for you. Al Bonker partners with over 127 insurance agencies across the Texas communities delivering you the best health insurance rates for individuals and/or family households. We do not prefer one agency over another, instead, Al Bonker is committed toward saving you the most money by matching your claim with the best health care insurance provider in our network.

Marketplace Plans – The individual marketplace plans highlight how you and your associated plan share the costs of healthcare. The separate categories have no influence on the quality or amount of care you will receive, they simply reflect the cost structure. Marketplace categories include: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and catastrophic – in respect to cost, you pay 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, and <10%; the employer pays the rest. Contact Thanks AL here to learn more.

Each Marketplace plan includes doctors’ visits, mental health services, hospitalization, prescription drugs and other benefits. In addition, all plans cover treatment for pre-existing conditions.

Our specially trained agents will help you find the most cost effective option for your family’s budget. Many Texans pay too much for their health insurance coverage because of the competitive nature of the healthcare industry. Thankfully our Rapid Quote system can sift through the noise identifying the best rate among the health insurance companies we represent. Visit our website to learn more about selecting the right healthcare provider.

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