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4 Simple Ways to Dress Up the Guest Room Before Your Guest Arrive

Cheerful yellow hello sign and fresh flowers in a clean and bright guest room

Are you having friends come visit the new house? Are you parents coming in for the weekend? It is time to dress up the Guest Room!

Making sure they have a comfortable stay is essential but we understand that sometimes is not easy knowing where to start. We recommend these 4 simple ways on how to dress up the guest room for a perfect and comfortable stay that your guests might even want to stay longer.

1. The bed

The first thing is having the space where they will be sleeping in with clean sheets and pillowcases. It is always nice to have an extra blanket and pillows in case they need them.

2. The clothing space

Having a space where they can accomodate their clothes, such as an empty dresser, and/or a rack with hangers it’s always helpful to have a more pleasant stay.

3. The add-ons

Having a bed side table, where they can leave a cup of water at night and having a lamp will always be appreciated. Having to avoid going to bed in the dark could even prevent an accident.

4. Curtains or blinds

There are people who are not able to go to sleep unless the room is completely dark. Imagine not even having any curtains or blinds and there is a street light comig through your window all night. Having the option to choose whether to have light or not will be appreciated by your guests.

Making these slight changes might make your guest feel more welcome and taken care off, and if you budget allows for a bit more commodities, you could also add some additional elements such as a wastebasket and even a TV.

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