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Al Boenker Privacy & Security Commitment

Al Boenker Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Thanks Al”) values its relationship with you. Protecting the privacy of your information is of the greatest importance to us. As an insurance provider, we are regulated by Federal and State laws protecting the confidentiality and security of your information, as well as our use and disclosure of it. 

  • Whether you are a current, former, or potential customer, Thanks Al treats your personal information with the same high level of confidentiality and security. 

  • We never sell your personal information. 

  • We only share your personal information as necessary to provide the insurance products and services you have requested or to contact you about Thanks Al's products and services. 

  • We DO NOT share information with third parties for marketing purposes unless we have your prior permission to do so. This is our pledge to you. 

Our Use And Disclosure of Information
At Thanks Al, we gather information about you that may be used to process and service your insurance policy, settle your claims and offer you additional products and services that we think may be of interest to you, and as permitted or directed by you. Some of this may be nonpublic, personal information (information not available to the general public) that is provided by you, that we gather from transactions and communications with you, through services performed for you, that we obtain from third parties, or that we obtain through other means, all as permitted by law. 

Information We Collect From You
This includes information you provide us when you apply for our products or request services, either on the Internet, by phone, or by other means. It may include information such as your name, address, residence information, telephone number, email address, vehicle information, driver's license number, driving history, current or former insurance information, social security number, gender, educational background, date of birth, marital status and Thanks Al Web pages visited. It also includes information from your communications with us such as letters, telephone calls, texting, messaging and emails. 

Information We Collect From Third Parties
This includes information we collect from insurance support organizations, such as consumer reporting agencies and other third parties. It includes information such as motor vehicle reports, consumer credit information, demographic information, insurance histories, and claims reports. Information obtained from insurance support organizations may be retained by such organizations and disclosed to other persons as permitted by law. 

Information About Your Transactions
This includes information about your transactions with us and others, including our affiliates. It includes information such as your policy coverage levels, account balances, claims history, and billing information.

Information We Disclose
The above-described types of personal and other types of information about our current, former, or potential customers, may be disclosed, but only as permitted or required by law, or as permitted or directed by the customer or consumer. 

We may disclose such information to affiliated and nonaffiliated insurance companies, insurance agents, reinsurance companies, insurance support organizations, such as consumer reporting agencies, government entities, and claims administrators. We may also disclose information to nonaffiliated third parties that perform services or functions on our behalf including the marketing of our products or services. Further, we may also disclose information as necessary to effect, administer or enforce a transaction that you request or authorize.


The following are examples of situations in which we may disclose information: 

  • Your information may be passed between us and our agents, appraisers, attorneys, investigators, and others who may be involved in the sales and marketing of Thanks Al products and services, processing of applications, and servicing of policies or claims. 

  • We provide your policy information to adjusters and other appropriate business entities when you are involved in a claim. 

  • We may provide your information to others whom we determine need such information to perform insurance or other professional functions for us. These may include parties helping us with administrative services and consumer reporting agencies. 

  • We may supply information as required by search warrant, subpoena, or legal process, with state insurance departments, or other law enforcement or government authorities when required by law, or to protect our own legal interests in the event of suspected illegal or fraudulent activities.

  • If we collect your information as an agent for one of our business partners, we may use it to contact you or make you an offer regarding insurance that may be of interest to you.

All of the nonaffiliated entities with which we may share your information are required to keep the information confidential and use it only for the purposes for which it was shared, except as otherwise permitted by law. 

Thanks Al Communications
As a Thanks Al customer, Thanks Al will contact you regarding your policy and our products and services, such as billing notices, confirmations of changes, changes to our products, and other Thanks Al-specific communications. You may NOT unsubscribe from these Thanks Al-specific communications that relate to your primary usage of our service and products; and you agree to receive these if you make a purchase. 

From time-to-time, Thanks Al may contact you about third-party promotions. In addition, prior to purchasing a policy or after canceling your policy, Thanks Al may contact you to confirm your quote or invite you to come back and get a new quote or to purchase a policy. You will have the ability to unsubscribe from whichever type of communication you received. 

Confidential and Secure Environment
Thanks Al is strongly committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of your information against unauthorized access and disclosure

Links to Other Companies on the Thanks Al Web Site
The Thanks Al Web site contains links to our business partners and links to other sites offering valuable information. If you choose to provide any personal information directly to any of these entities, the collection and disclosure of your personal information by that entity will be governed solely by that entity's privacy policy. Thanks Al makes no representations or warranties regarding these sites. 

Reviewing or Correcting Your Information
As a customer, you can always review and update your information by calling our customer service center at 1-800-842-6572. All consumers have the right to know the personal information that Thanks Al has about them and to make changes to that information. To make such an inquiry please call our customer service center or write to the address listed below and identify the information you would like. You will be required to provide certain personal information for identity verification purposes. If your information is immediately accessible when you call, the customer service representative will review it with you and you may make changes to it at that time. If your information is not immediately accessible when you contact us, within 30 business days, Thanks Al will inform you of the types of information we have about you. If you would like to further review the information, you may review and copy the information in person at our customer service center or request a copy be sent to you by mail. Thanks Al may charge a fee for providing a copy by mail. 

Information Request

Thanks Al Customer Service
6030 Lake Worth Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76135

Contact Information
For questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at the address below, or send an email

Thanks Al Customer Service
6030 Lake Worth Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76135

This privacy policy applies to the following companies:
Al Boenker Insurance Agency, Inc.

Thanks Al may modify this Policy from time to time. The current policy is always available at

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