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5 Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

In a few days, streets and sidewalks will be flooded with young costumed trick-or-treaters on a mission to collect as much candy as they can. Whether you’re planning on joining the festivities or spending the evening indoors, there’s always a chance that you may need to hop in the car unexpectedly. Because of this, it’s important to adjust to the populated and busy conditions that come with Halloween night. To help prepare you, here are 5 helpful driving safety tips for Halloween!

Drive Slowly – Kids on Halloween are running on high-octane levels of sugar, so you can’t really control their level of horseplay on the sidewalks. Thankfully, as a responsible driver, you can control the speed of your car. You should treat driving through neighborhoods like driving through a school zone. Always keep your speed at least 5-10 miles below the limit so that you can safely navigate through busy areas.

Put the Phone Away – Using your cell phone behind the wheel is never a good idea, especially on a night like this. You’ll need your full attention focused on the road because you never know when some kid will run out into the street unexpectedly. If you absolutely have to use the phone, make sure you pull over to a safe area away from foot traffic.

Yield to Everyone – There will be children of all ages out on Halloween night, and some may not know or understand the proper way to cross the street. It’s highly unlikely that most kids are going to use the designated crosswalks, so you’ll have to adjust to this by stopping your car and letting them cross when the time comes.

Don’t Drink and Drive! – This should be a no-brainer to everyone, but the holidays can have an adverse effect on people. This is downright the worst possible thing you could do on Halloween night, especially with young children wandering around everywhere. If you happen to be at a party and are not fit to properly drive, have someone pick you up or order an Uber home.

Make Yourself Visible – Unfortunately, kids will probably too distracted by costumes, friends, and the thought of getting candy to pay any attention to oncoming traffic. This is why you need to have your headlights on and signal your turns at all times. Doing this will force them to take notice and will avoid any potential accidents.

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