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5 Things to Avoid While Driving

In today’s fast-paced world, people tend to multitask when they’re behind the wheel of a car. They feel like they’re so accustomed to the daily routine of driving from point A to point B that it’s okay to carry out other tasks that require you to take your eyes and attention off the road for a period of time. We’re all guilty of doing this at some point, and it’s a serious problem that we need to address. Driving is a full-time job, and it takes only a split second for something bad to happen, which you could’ve avoided if your focus allowed you to react in time. Here are the top five things you shouldn’t do while driving!

Using Your Phone While Driving – This may seem like a no-brainer, but cell phone use while behind the wheel is the number one cause of accidents caused by distraction. We are so addicted to our phones these days that it’s easy to pull your phone out to send a text, scan social media or watch a video when you get bored behind the wheel or find yourself in a comfortable spot. However, this can be extremely dangerous due to the fact that your eyes can easily stay on your phone screen long enough for something bad to occur.

Eating While Driving – When you get fast food or carry out, it can be extremely tempting to get a head start on devouring your meal. However, this usually requires the use of one or both hands as well as digging around your bad for napkins, condiments, ect. If you’re more concerned about eating than driving, then you need to either pull over to eat or resist the urge until you get home. Plus, there’s a good chance you may spill something on yourself!

Apply Make-Up While Driving – Women can sometimes take a little extra time to get ready, which can be a burden when you’re running late. Because of this, sometimes your car can transform into a mini makeup studio, which can result in a myriad of distractions. If you’re applying eyeliner in traffic, it makes it difficult to keep your eyes on the cars in front of you. Some women claim they’re masters when it comes to applying makeup in the car, but it’s better to be safe and wait until you’re at your destination than to get in an accident.

Searching for Something While Driving – When our possessions fall out of our reach in the car, our immediate reaction is to retrieve it. This can result in putting your body in an awkward situation that can make it difficult to react to something on the road. If your phone, wallet or other valuable falls onto the floorboard during your ride just simply remain calm and keep your focus on the road until you reach your stop and can safely recover it.

Rubbernecking While Driving – For those of you that don’t know, rubbernecking is when you turn your focus to something outside of the car, whether it’s a billboard, a person or a stray animal. It’s human nature to get distracted, but you need to discipline yourself to keep your focus on the

Before you ditch these bad habits, give us a call at 1-800-Thanks-Al to have an agent make sure that your auto insurance has the right amount of coverage for your family and your needs. We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. You might even qualify for additional discounts, especially if you have your home insurance with us. Remember to always pay attention and stay safe on the road!

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