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5 Tips to Avoid Vehicle Break-Ins

There’s nothing worse than returning to your car from shopping and discovering you’ve been robbed. People tend to leave their valuables unattended while away from their vehicle, which poses a serious risk and attracts suspicious characters. Studies show that over 1.5 million people experience car thefts every year, but fortunately there are ways to avoid becoming part of that statistic. Here are 5 tips to prevent a vehicle break in!

Lock your Doors – Even though this may seem like obvious advice, it really is the best way to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Even if you’re just running inside a store for a quick errand, it’s important to always lock your doors, roll your windows up and setting on your car alarm. Leaving a window cracked or your door unlocked may disable the pressure system in some car alarms, so be smart and remember to lock up!

Hide your Valuables – Laptops, cellphones, purses and shopping bags are some of the key items that thieves target when looking inside of your car. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to keep your car clean and making sure you hide all of your valuables under the seat, in the trunk or in your console. Getting your windows tinted can also help thwart burglars who attempt to peer inside of your vehicle.

Park for Visibility – Parking in a busy, well-lit area is a great way to prohibit any strange characters from lurking around your vehicle. With witnesses and cameras all around, it will make it nearly impossible for a thief to successfully break into your car. Make sure that you avoid concealment from foliage, larger vehicles and fences, as well, in order to maximize public visibility.

Get a Detachable Stereo – One of the most common items stolen in vehicular thefts is the car stereo. Most newer car models today have on board computers with built in radios, but if you have an old fashioned radio, it may be time to upgrade. Detachable radios are small, easy to install and take out, so you can carry it with you no matter where you go!

Strengthen your Security – Besides a door and window lock, there are a ton of additional add-ons and components you can invest in to help boost your car’s security. Warning devices such as alarms, wheel decals, immobilizers and tracking systems can add an additional layer to your defenses and will make a burglar’s job more difficult.

Before putting these helpful tips to good use, make sure that you’re covered. Give us at call at 1-800-Thanks-Al to make sure that your auto insurance policy is update to date and you’ve got the best rate and coverage possible!

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