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5 Ways to Cool Your Car in the Texas Heat

In the Texas heat, your car’s interior can reach 150 degrees! That is hot!

The heat can be insufferable and frustrating, especially when you’re driving in a car that’s been left exposed to sunlight all day. It takes forever for the AC to kick in and your seatbelts turn into instruments of torrid pain.

There are multiple ways to prevent your car from turning into an oven and avoiding a sauna experience during your car ride.

Check out these ways to cool your car in the texas heat!

1. Put up a Sun Shade

Your car windows absorb sunlight and can increase your car interior. Putting up sunshades on your windshield can block out the sunrays and direct heat from entering your vehicle, which will keep the temperature at bay. They are affordable, easy to use and can save you a lot of trouble!

2. Crack Your Windows

By slightly cracking open a few windows, you can create an airflow that will ventilate all of the hot air trapped inside of your car. This will make it a little easier getting used to the car’s initial warm temperature. Whether you’re using this method with your sunroof or car window, make sure that they are only cracked an inch so that it prevents any possibility of a break in.

3. Tint your Windows

This is basically one of the most expensive ways to cool your car in the texas heat, but more efficient substitute for putting up a sunshade. Tinted windows will constantly block out the sun and protect the privacy of your vehicle at the same time. Some states have laws regarding the level of tint, so make sure you do your research beforehand!

In Texas, according to Texas Department of Public Safety windows to the right and left of the driver have to have a light transmittance value of 25% or more, regardless the year model of the car. Less than 25% light transmission will fail inspection.

While side windows to rear of the driver might be exempted from regulations.

4. Use the Bottom Vents

When people first get into a hot car, their first reaction is to blow air on their face and upper body. Instead, it is more effective to turn on the bottom vents because heat rises and your feet control your body temperature. This is also the quickest way to funnel out the hot air through your windows, thus making it the preferred method to cool down your car.

5. Park Underneath Shade

This may seem obvious, but it really is the easiest and smartest solution to keeping your car cool during the summer. Take the time to find some trees, an underground lot or a building where there would be shaded parking spots. If you can’t find a shaded spot, turn your car around so that the sunlight will shine into the back of your car – you’ll avoid having a hot steering wheel!

Before you cool down that hot car, now is the perfect time to make sure you’re covered. Give us a call at 1-800-Thanks-Al to make sure that your auto, home, boat and RV insurance policy is up to date and you’ve got the best rate and coverage possible!

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