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Auto Insurance for College Students

College is a big life change! With changes comes new responsibility. This means that your auto insurance needs may change as well. But did you know that there are several options and dicounts on auto insurance for college students? To make sure your insurance coverage fits your situation, consider the following tips.

Where will you keep your car?

Leaving Your Car at Home: So, you’ve decided to save on that ridiculous parking fee on campus and will be leaving your car with your parents while off at college. If they live at least 100 miles from your school, you maybe be eligible for a discount on your car insurance policy because you won’t be driving your vehicle as much.

Taking Your Car to School: There is no way you could leave your vehicle at home, it’s coming with! Consider where it will be parked. Paying for covered garage parking? You, lucky duck! However, the majority will be parking outside, exposing your car to several different conditions. Consider comprehensive coverage. It may help to pay to replace your car if it’s stolen and repaired if damaged by things like hail or vandalism.

How much driving will you be doing?

Collision coverage might be a good idea if you will be driving to and from class. It may help to pay for damages caused by an accident with another vehicle or object (regardless of fault). If you are leasing or financing your vehicle, comprehensive and collision are typically required by your lender. However, if your car is paid off, you may be able to drop on or both of the coverages decreasing your payments. State minimum liability will still be required. But when doing that, you are financially responsible for your own expenses in case of an accident. Liability only covers the other vehicle’s damages.

How are your grades?

Some insurance companies offer good grade benefits on auto insurance for college students up to age twenty-five. This is when having good grades doesn’t only benefit you in the classroom, but also offers savings!

Now that you know your options talk to an Al Bonenker Insurance agent today. He or she can discuss your car insurance options and help you adjust your coverage. Give us a call at 1-800-ThanksAl or visit us online at

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