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Can You Name These Common Car Parts?

Did you know that the majority of car drivers cannot name these common car parts? Let’s pop the hood and see how well you do.

Having some knowledge of what’s under the hood allows you to better maintain your car. A vehicle is a large investment, taking proper care of that investment is important to ensure your car stays on the road!

Here is the low down on the parts that keep your vehicle chugging along.

Brakes are essential to driving safely. Your vehicle will typically have 4 brake systems on all four wheels. When you start to hear the squeaking sound, it may be time to have them checked out.

The radiator helps prevent your car from overheating. It is located in the front of your vehicle, typically behind the grill.

The alternator provides power to operate the starter, ignition and all of the electronic accessories in your car. If it dies you might notice your headlights/dashboard lights begin to dim.

If you want to stay cool during the summer, you’ll need to make sure your A/C Compressor is functioning properly! The a/c compressor is pushing the cool air down the line keeping you cool.

Shock absorbers will be noticed more on trucks and vehicles that go off-road. However, you’ll have a smoother ride when driving on a bumpy road or if you happen to hit a pothole. Shocks help keep the wearing down on the car.

The big guy on campus! The transmission turns power into movement. The transmission takes the energy generated by the engine and transmits it to the connected wheels.

If you can guess, a fuel injector gets the gas from the fuel tank into the engine. It is usually located at the front of the engine.

A car shaft delivers power from an engine/transmission to the other end of the vehicle before it goes to the wheels. if your vehicle begins to vibrate while driving, that could be an indicator of a damaged drive shaft.

The catalytic converter helps reduce emissions from your vehicle. Think of it like your air filter except instead of purifying the air coming in, it helps purify the air going out. This is one the things that are tested during your emissions test when getting your car inspected.

Your pistons give your car the horsepower to go! These work best in a fluid motion pumping smoothly and quickly. You probably won’t be able to locate them from a top view of the hood but they are generally located in the center block of the engine.

Now you know a little of what goes on under the hood. Challenge your friends to take the quiz and see if you can surprise them the next time you #popthehood! Give us a call @ 1-800-thanksal or get a quick quote to see if we can help you save on your auto or home policy.

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