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Home and Auto Safety Tips for the Winter Months

Texas is generally known for its warm climate, luscious landscapes and sunny skies. However, there comes a time every year when the sun mysteriously disappears and grey clouds envelope the air. Sometimes, strange icy particles will gently cascade onto our houses and streets, causing confusion and panic for every Lone Star Citizen.

Fortunately, there are various steps you can take to protect your home and car during the upcoming winter season. Preparing for these unexpected weather conditions can help keep your loved ones safe and ultimately save you a lot of money.

Preparing your Car

Since most Texans are not accustomed to driving on icy roads, it’s important to be extra careful and always prepare for the worst. Before driving in these dangerous conditions, make sure you:

  1. Always check your tires and make sure that the tread depth is sufficient. You can test this by taking a penny and sticking it into the tread. If the tread does not cover any part of Lincoln’s head, then it is probably worn and you may need to replace your tires.

  2. Keep a bag full of emergency supplies in your trunk. This can include – car repair tools, a blanket, food, shovel and first aid kit.

  3. Make sure you have replenished all of your car fluids – gas, antifreeze, brake fluid, ect.

  4. And remember, make sure you drive at a reduced speed while on the road and never slam on your brakes. If you happen to catch yourself swerving on the ice, make sure that you turn the wheel into the swerve to avoid losing control.

Preparing your Home

Heavy snowfall and icy conditions can also cause severe damage to your home. In order to prevent Mother Nature from putting you in a financial hole, make sure you:

  1. Clean your gutters and inspect your roof to make sure it can support the weight of heavy snowfall.

  2. Remove all garden hoses and cover all of your outdoor faucets.

  3. Remove all overhanging tree branches that could pose a threat if weighted down with snow.

  4. Fill in all door and window cracks with caulk to make sure cold air is not seeping into your home.

From all of us at Al Boenker Insurance, we hope that these tips find you well and keep you safe during the upcoming months!

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