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Pet Insurance 101

Is your furbaby an extension of your family? Have you been to the vet for an accident and walked out wondering how it could ever cost that much to flush out something bad your dog ate? There is a solution! We know that you love your pet like family. So, the decision to take care of him or her is a simple one. But what exactly is “pet insurance” and do you really need it?

Follow along as we break down what coverages and options there are for you and your fur crew.

Pet insurance offers coverage to your four-legged family members. There are a couple different options that our carriers offer. Your dogs can be covered from accidents and illness that might require you to take them to the vet. You also have the option to add additional preventative care coverage (more on that below). In addition, annual limits, deductibles, and reimbursement percentages are things you choose based on you and your animal needs. We know that your family vet is someone you trust. Majority of our carriers give you the freedom to choose any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic that you feel is best for your fur baby. With the preventative care options, you’ll keep those pets feeling young and at their best!

Here are some specifics from one of our carriers Safeco.

  1. Annual coverage limit options of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000

  2. Annual deductible options of $100, $250 or $500.

  3. Reimbursement options of 70%, 80%, or 90% of eligible charges.

  4. Multi-pet discounts.

  5. Add Preventative Care Coverage to your policy for dental cleanings, wellness exams, heartworm tests, DHLPP vaccines, and more.

Think of pet insurance similar to your personal health coverage. When there is an accident or extreme illness your pet coverage is there to step in. With several coverages and deductible options, we are sure to keep your pets feel their best. Give us a call today to discuss all your options and remember, “We’ve got your pet covered!”

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