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Quiz: What Do Those Dashboard Lights Mean?

Quiz: What Do Those Dashboard Lights Mean?

How well do you know your car? From time to time a dashboard light indicator may pop up. “Darn! Wait… what does that mean?”

Half the time when a light comes on I just hope for the best and keep trucking along. But what if that indicator is trying to tell you something important? Sometimes hoping for the best may not be the safest way out. Indicators are messages that your car sends you for you and your cars protection.

A check engine light is one of the most common lights to appear on the dash. However, it can mean a million different things. So, it’s important to have a general understanding of your dashboard light indicators.

Main thing to look for is color. The color is a good indication on how you should respond.

Green/Blue -tells us the system is on or operating properly

Yellow/ Orange -something may need to be repaired

Red -there is a serious problem or safety concern

Complete the quick quiz & see how well you know those dashboard car lights.

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