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Covering Fictional Cars

After hearing the news earlier this week that the DeLoreon sports car was going back into production, it sparked a lot of questions. Where can I get one? Are they fitted with Flux Capacitors? How much would it cost to insure such an astonishing vehicle? Which led us to further wonder, what if some of our other favorite fictional cars were produced, and if so, how much would insurance cost to cover these dream rides? We have gathered five of the most iconic cars from movies and television and giving insurance recommendations for each.

Doc Brown’s DeLoreon – Even though these cars are in fact available to own today, I’m pretty sure none of them can secretly go back to the future. Since this flashy time machine is nuclear, its policy should include Personal Injury Protection and Comprehensive – and your limits will depend on what century you’re traveling to.

Batmobile – If you’ve seen any of the recent Batman films, you’ve probably noticed that this car prominently destroys everything in its waking path. Due to this, and the fact it’s armed with all kinds of high tech explosives, we would highly recommend that you get Comprehensive, Collision, Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability. Of course, if you’re Bruce Wayne, you would probably self insure it since you are a billionaire.

KITT – Since this car is an artificial genius that can see, think and talk, it probably won’t get into many accidents. However, since this car can also travel underwater, you should definitely get Comprehensive Coverage, due to potential rust.

Ecto – 1 from Ghostbusters – Who ya gonna call? If ghosts did exist, I’m sure we’d see a quite a few of these classic cars all around town. Ecto-1 needs Comprehensive Coverage, ectoplasm ooze can really ruin your interior.

Flinstone’s Family Car – Yabba Dabba Do! This prehistoric ride is powered solely with the driver’s feet, which has to inflict some personal injury. If this car actually existed today, the owner better have Bodily Injury Liability to cover injuries to the feet. We wouldn’t worry about Comprehensive coverage, since it’s just made of rocks…you can replace those without any real problems.

We all have a dream car that we’ve always wanted to own. However, it’s important to remember that all of these otherworldly cars would require coverage as well! We hope that if you one day do end up owning the car of your dreams, you’ll call Al Boenker for your insurance needs!

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