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Top 5 Texas National Parks

Amazement, Awe, Admiration…

These are just a small sample of emotional states people experience when taking in the majestic views of National Parks. The Lone Star State is famous for it’s lush beautiful landscapes and scenic backdrops, which inspires spectators from all around the world. These environmental treasures remain both historically significant and immensely enjoyable for people of all ages. The US National Park System turns 100 today, and we’re celebrating by highlighting and appreciating the best sate parks Texas has to offer.

Big Bend National Park, Big Bend National Park, TX – This is perhaps one of the most famous national parks in Texas as well as the entire country. This campground features some of the highest points and incredible rock formations in the state, which makes it great for backpacking. Campers can also Kayak along the Rio Grande River and discover some of the most beautiful views in all of Texas.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, West TX – This mountainous national park is known for it’s extensive trails and exquisite views, boding as one of the nation’s most intact wilderness regions. This national park also contains Guadalupe Peak, which is the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet in elevation. Camping and many other exciting outdoor activities are offered at the park, such as cave exploring and horseback riding.

Big Thicket National Preserve, Kountze, TX – Southeast Texas is home to this heavily forested area, which inhabits a wide diversity of ecosystems. There is a large variety of animal life abound in this preserve, which can be observed by hiking and paddling tours. This national preserve serves as a safe haven for wildlife and a place for discovery and adventure.

Big Bend Ranch State Park, South Saucedo, TX – This remote park is a hidden gem of the Rio Grande Valley and it holds the title of Texas’ biggest state park. It offers a ton of outdoor recreational activities and some of the best trails in the state. The park’s vast desert landscape offers beautiful vistas, unrivaled night skies and steep canyons you need to see to believe!

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, San Antonio, TX – This Southern National Park preserves five of the Spanish frontier missions in the city of San Antonio. Catholic missionaries established these landmarks and they were used as outposts while they spread the word of God to local natives. They were also important in colonizing the territory during the 17th century. This National Park is full of rich Texas history and is a great destination for educational purposes.

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