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Car Safety Tips for New Parents

Families are growing faster than ever these days. Some people are enjoying the experience of being a new parent, while others are thrilled to be expecting. Whatever the case may be, adding a child into your life changes everything. Driving is stressful enough, and adding a child into the mix can only amplify those stress levels. It’s important to follow certain precautions to keep your precious cargo safe every time you travel. Here’s how to have a smooth ride with your child…

Don’t give your baby toys or food in the car – As you know, driving requires your full attention. A child with food or a toy needs monitoring, and it’s hard to monitor your child’s activities during a car ride. That’s why it’s smart to never give your child anything they can choke on or hurt themselves with while they’re out of your reach.

Always put your child in the backseat – Placing your child in the front seat of the car is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury. If you must put a child in the front, and they’re in a car seat, use a forward-facing child car seat and make sure that the seat of the car is as far back as possible and the child car seat is securely held. This will maximize the distance between the child and the airbag.

Drive slowly and defensively – It’s been proven that new parents average less sleep than truck drivers, and their accident rates are on par with teen drivers. Make sure that you’re eliminating every distraction and focusing on the road at all times. Speeding is never a good idea, especially when you have precious cargo on board.

Stay off of your phone – Being a new parent means more responsibilities and there’s a good chance you’ll be scattered and will start multitasking to try and balance everything. You may be checking emails on your phone, texting or applying makeup; all of these distractions can lead to a split second lapse in judgment that can cause an accident. Always keep your eyes on the road!

Don’t ever leave your child in the car unattended – When running a quick errand, it’s tempting to hop out and leave your child, thinking you will only be gone a minute. Never leave your child unattended in your vehicle! Studies show that even a couple of minutes in the car can be extremely dangerous. Babies’ bodies can not adjust to harsh temperatures, and a baby can die within minutes of extreme heat or cold exposure.

All of us at Al Boenker Insurance love our customers and care for their safety. We hope that these tips can provide some ease and comfort on the road. If you’re just starting a new family, be sure to call 1-800-Thanks-Al for the best coverage!

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