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Prom Tips for Students & Parents

Parents – Prom is coming!!! Will your student be safe?

With about a month left in the school year, there is one event that brings excitement and fear to students and parents…Prom!  If your student is getting ready for Prom, here are 5 simple tips to help you keep them safe.

Hotel Parties? – Nope!  Don’t let them do it. Nothing good ever happens in unsupervised hotel rooms and it could lead to high school graduates showing up with alcohol or other substances. If your teen is going to have an after party, make sure it’s at a house that everyone agrees upon and that is supervised by responsible adults.

Driving Arrangements – Uber, Lyft, or Limo…having a professional shuttle your students around for Prom is worth the money.  The last thing that you want to deal with is a midnight call from an accident scene.

Alcohol? Drugs? – Every school has that “one group” that participates in these forbidden activities. Make sure you lay down the law with your teen and discuss how important it is to avoid partaking in these dumb antics. You don’t want them ending the night in jail or injured due to a foolish mistake!

Rules, Rules, Rules – Fact: Schools are strict. They may have weird policies or dress codes when it comes to dances, so make sure you and your teen are mindful of the rules beforehand. The last thing that you want is for your teen to get kicked out of the dance for something you were unaware of or didn’t understand!

Don’t Ruin Your Future! – Colleges can revoke scholarships or even acceptances for illegal behavior or getting expelled from high school. Many students treat prom like it’s a night out in Vegas – Don’t let any stupid mistakes put their future in jeopardy!

We hope every high school senior has a safe and fun prom!

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