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Top 5 Pizza Joints in Texas

Our nation seems to be divided on many issues, but there’s one thing we can all unanimously all agree on: pizza is amazing. Today just happens to be National Pizza Day and what better way to celebrate than exploring and highlighting the best pizza restaurants the great state of Texas has to offer? Here’s our top 5 Pizza Joints in Texas!

Home Slice Pizza, Austin, TX – This independent neighborhood joint serves authentic New York style pizza that packs a powerful punch. Their homemade cheese and crust blend together so well, you’d think you were actually dining in the big apple! Be sure to try their cheese sticks as well – they’re to die for.

Star Pizza, Houston, TX – Founded by two Chicago natives, this restaurant offers delicious thick deep-dish pizza and has been voted the best pizza place in Houston on multiple occasions. Most Texans aren’t used to these thick pizza pies, so make sure you have a fork and knife ready!

Urban Crust, Plano, TX -This pizza joint is known for its fantastic fire baked pizza pies and it’s great relaxing atmosphere. They’re especially known for the quality of their bread, which produces thick chewy rolls and excellent pizza crust. Fun Fact, the founder of Urban Crust is from Italy, so you know it’s good!

Crown Pizza, Beaumont, TX – This small town establishment resides in the heart of Beaumont, TX and is known for it’s unique pizza toppings. Some of their out of the box pizza options include Pulled Pork Pizza, Molasses Syrup topped Pizza and the Cheeseburger Pizza, which is complete with pickles and French fries on top!

Big Lou’s Pizza, San Antonio, TX – Deep in the heart of Texas, there’s a pizza joint that is not for the faint of heart. This restaurant serves pies with insane proportions including a 42″ super pizza! If you have a big appetite, this is definitely the location for you!

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